Order Preparation

QDRO Partners drafts Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, Division of Property Orders, and all other division of retirement benefits orders. 


QDRO Partners realizes the importance of having the QDRO or other order prepared as soon as possible after receipt of the request form without sacrificing quality. While some aspects of the timeliness of the QDRO drafting is out of our hands - such as awaiting a response from the plan administrator - rest assured that QDRO Partners is on top of tracking the necessary information and drafting the QDRO upon receipt of all information.  Your QDRO request will not sit in a queue for four to five weeks as has been the standard.


QDRO Partners' drafting services include revising any QDRO rejected by the plan administrator at no additional charge. 


PRE-APPROVAL: QDRO Partners now offers pre-approval at no additional charge.  If the plan permits, and if requested, QDRO Partners will send the draft QDRO for pre-approval.


Visit the Forms page to proceed with a request.  

Present Value

At QDRO Partners, we recognize the necessity to have an actuary perform the proper analysis and report in determining the present value of pension benefits.  This is why QDRO Partners collaborates with Al Minor & Associates, Inc. to provide present value services.


Albert R. Minor, Jr. E.A., ASA, has over thirty-five years in the actuarial pension practice.  He is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries, a Member of the American Society of Pension Actuaries, and is an enrolled Actuary under the auspices of the Joint Board (Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor) for the enrollment of Actuaries as created by ERISA in 1974. 


Mr. Minor provides present value reports for:

  • Traditional defined benefit plans
  • Ohio Public Retirement Systems (PERS, SERS, STRS, OP&F, and HPRS)
  • Social Security
  • Military Retired Pay (if in pay status; if not in pay status, the plan participant must provide each and every requested document from QDRO Partners for the preparation of the report);
  • FERS/CSRS.  
  • Mr. Minor also traces passive growth of separate property in defined contribution plans.  

Visit the Forms page to proceed with a request.   Al Minor & Associates, Inc.will prepare the analysis and the final report will be sent from Al Minor & Associates, Inc. to the requesting attorney.